Super Lemon Haze (Tree of Life)Review


This sample was a beautiful tight nug with a medium green color and neon orange pistils.  A very tight manicure and copious trichome coverage completed the excellent appearance package.  The trichomes were also perfect, with some ambers but mostly cloudy heads.  The only knock was that we spotted a few tiny immature seeds.


Again, amazing lemon qualities here, with that same sweet and sour tang, this time rather pungent.  The Haze side is evident in the flowery aftertaste, but this one just screams lemon.  The other notable quality is that the smoke was one of the smoothest around… no inclination to cough at all.  It burned to a very light gray ash, indicating a great flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Great focus and attentive mindset, appetite stimulation, body relaxation towards the end, and possible ocular relief.


We loved the “super” lemon qualities of this strain, one of the most lemony we’ve encountered for sure.  The ultra-smooth and enjoyable smoke just put it over the top, making this one a top recommendation for those patients who love taste and ease of smoking.  But beyond that, it provided a quality focus and a buzzing energy throughout the body, eventually subsiding to a mellow and relaxed state.  The long duration and above-average peak potency make this a no-brainer choice if it’s in stock at Tree of Life.  Superb strain and grow all-around.

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