Super Lemon Haze (Green Mountain CARE)Review


With its crisp green coloration, abundant trichome coverage, and classic spear-shaped structure, this Super Lemon Haze looked both impressive and stereotypical in the best possible way.  The trichomes were mostly clear and cloudy, but there were some amber heads present as well — this is an example of a proper harvest on the early side, likely to create a more ‘uppy’, cerebral experience.  No real flaws with this one, though there was a moderate amount of trichome damage, with about 70% retaining their heads after the trim and other post-harvest handling.


The initial flavor that hits the tongue is all candy lemon sweetness, but it quickly changes into a more mentholated, musky, skunk-based flavor on the exhale.  This is superb in a paper rather than a pipe, as the sweet initial flavor seems to last almost until the end.  The smoke was relatively smooth but did expand readily and caused some coughing due to expansion in the lungs.  The final ash was a light gray with flecks of white, showing a solid, but not perfect flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, ocular relief, mood elevation, some body relaxation, mental relaxation late, some appetite stimulation, and minor pain relief/distraction.


We wish that this one would’ve been let go just a little bit longer by the grow team, as it fell just shy of the best SLH examples we’ve seen in the aroma, flavor, and duration areas.  That said, this is still top-flight medicine and most patients will fall in love with the syrupy sweet aroma and flavor.  It’s best for the daytime or early evening, as it definitely excites the mind as well as the body, only trending towards the relaxing side after about the 2 hour point.  This was a nearly flawless sample that was clearly well-grown and cared for, and fits the uplifting and cerebral daytime Sativa mold perfectly.

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