Super Lemon Haze (CURE Dispensary)Review


This was a darker-colored Super Lemon Haze overall, with patches of purple that may indicate some cold nights in the grow mixed in with a variety of greens, pale orange pistils, and a moderate covering of trichomes.  The trichomes themselves were nicely ambered all over the nugs, indicating a patient and well-timed harvest.  The real knock we found on this one was the manicure, which was definitely sub-par — several yellowed leaves and other non-frosty guard leaves were left on, knocking the appearance down a peg.


Almost exactly like the smell, the taste was that of sweet candy lemons — it had a flowery and ethereal attack, went lemon-heavy i nthe mouth, and then back to flowery and smooth on the exhale.  It wasn’t the most enduring flavor (faded out after 3 hits or so), but what was there was pretty top-notch and exactly what we expect form a Super Lemon Haze.  The smoke was easy to consume and not harsh or expansive, while the final ash was a fluffy light gray, indicating a very solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, focus, creativity, strong ocular attention, mood elevation, headache relief, and appetite stimulation.


This wasn’t the absolute best Super Lemon Haze we’ve had, but it was in the top echelon thanks in large part to its great flavor/smell and the mild, yet majorly Sativa effects package that left us feeling ready for basically anything the world can throw at us.  We recommend this as a morning/daytime med because it won’t leave you in a daze and actually seemed to enhance focus and creativity once the initial potency wore off.  It would definitely need a boost in the “woah” factor (especially appearance and potency) to get up into the A/A+ range, but the potential is there.  Recommended for all levels of patients, this smooth med didn’t give us any unexpected surprises.

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