Star Train (Plants 4 Life)Review


This sample looked to be in good shape (well manicured), no issues to speak of, but nothing special to say either.


After a few reviews I’ve settled to say there is a bit of a spicy taste to this one – not a hot spicy, more of a “spiced” cider spicy of some sort.


This had its indica nature and I could have easily sat on the couch for a couple hours each time I medicated.  However, I rarely have that time available and this Star Train did allow me to function with my family and enjoy some time playing in the yard with only mild neck pain.


I liked the Star Train, better than I like the Train Wreck on its own (update: I’ve since confirmed I like the Sensi Star of this combo).  It’s a medium potency strain that can be used in a number of scenarios to manage pain or for sleep.  If you can only choose one to bring with you and you don’t know what environment you may be in, this could be a useful choice.  A middle-road for new patients.

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