Star Fruit (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


Classic mix of pale greens and orange pistils.  Mostly cloudy trichs, very few ambers; good harvest timing though, as cloudy is top potency level.  Average density and very dry.


This burned to a light gray ash and had an overly earthy flavor to it.  One reviewer asked “Why didn’t they name this Gardenfruit?” and another commented, “It was like a casserole of the smells, herby and earthy.”


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, pain relief (both muscle and nerve), clear-headed relief, appetite.


No comedown to speak of, this one was a nice, level calming yet clear pain-relieving experience that I really enjoyed.  It made my body feel good without having a really distinct body high, helped my pain, and just contributed to a sense of well-being and positivity.  I think this was a good all-around strain that didn’t side either Indica or Sativa and would be good for almost any occasion or need aside from severe pain/sleep aid kind of narcotic relief.

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$50/8th inc. tax

Hybrid [Sensi Star x (Juicy Fruit or Heavy Duty Fruity possibly)] *We also know of a grower who called their Sensi Star ‘Starfruit’ as a phenotype but sold it as something unrelated. This could be an offshoot from those plants and actually just be Sensi Star. Unconfirmed.

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