Sour Willie (Green Mountain CARE)Review


This sample had mostly pointed nugs that displayed a coloration which reminded us of Sour Diesel quite a bit with its super light green calyxes and creamy orange-pink pistils.  The trichome coverage was abundant, especially in certain areas, and the harvest timing was perfect in our estimation, with about 10-15% amber trichomes and a collection of cloudy heads.  We didn’t really find any flaws with this strain, and liked the way that all the calyxes and leaves seemed to point skyward… it was pretty unique-looking and also very dense and well-cured.


The flavor was a bit confusing and not as pungent as the aroma, giving us a sharp attack with just a hint of Diesel, then basically leaving behind a clean, fresh, mentholated feeling in the mouth rather than much of a taste.  The smoke was smooth and didn’t cause coughing except on the largest hits, while the flush appeared to be nearly perfect, leaving behind only a fluffy white ash.  This one was enjoyed by all and was repeatedly described as “pleasant”, but just didn’t wow us with a pungent flavor.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, ocular effects, body numbing, moderate pain relief, and relief of migraines.


This was our first experience with this Reeferman strain, and we will certainly be keeping an eye out for it in the future, especially the Sativa-lovers among our staff.  The unique structure brought to mind Sour Diesel a bit, but was oddly angular and pointed, with great trichome coverage and harvest timing.  We thought that the grow staff did a great job with the flush and cure, and the whole experience was very clean-feeling.  Peak potency wasn’t quite as high as we expected, but the effects were lasting and smooth, with no real negatives aside from the early heart-racing, which could serve to cause light anxiety in some patients.  This one is definitely a daytime med, getting the mind moving but still having some body effects to go along with the predominantly head-neck-shoulders Sativa effects package.  It was just on the verge of an A, but don’t let the ‘-’ deter you from giving this one a try — it’s one of our favorite moderate potency experiences as of late.

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