Sour Kush (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This sample was made up entirely of dense, round, pinecone-like nugs that were clearly Kush in lineage just based on the way they looked.  The colors were dark overall, with deep green and purple comprising most of the leaf and calyx surfaces.  However, it was very covered in cloudy/ambered trichomes (great harvest timing) and strong orange hairs that gave it a bit of a yellow cast overall.  The structure was just perfect, dense and well-dried.  The only real flaw were the tiny seeds we spotted in areas, but it wasn’t a very bad problem overall, we only saw a few.


A spicy, vegetal, almost garlic-like flavor on the forefront, with a slight sweetness and hints of citrus to finish.  It didn’t taste bad at any point really, but lost flavor after the first few hits, and was never terribly pungent to begin with.  It got a bit harsh late in the session and made us cough a bit, but wasn’t distinctly harsh.  The final ash was near-white and very fluffy, so it had a quality flush.  Just wasn’t that appealing to us and left us wanting that uber-fuely Sour Kush we’ve had in the past.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anti-anxiety, mood elevation, body relaxation, and some ocular attention.


This one didn’t quite hit the sweet spot with most of our staff, but one reviewer absolutely loved it and said it was one of his favorites.  So take that as a sign that it’s certainly quality and has a lot to offer depending on the situation and body chemistry.  The highlight for most of us was the overall soundness of structure and trichome coverage — this was a very appealing sample visually.  We missed the strong, sharp smell and flavor of previous Sour Kushes we’ve had, but it was still solid.  Not many flaws to this one, it’s recommended as an early evening type of med due to the couchlock tendencies… it leaves you plenty social and positive, and functional if needed.

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