Sour Diesel (The Hemp Center)Review


This Sour D is absolutely dripping with resin.  A few orange hairs and also has some white pistils.  I pulled out the 30x illuminated scope, and the nugs look very pale.  Interestingly, the trichomes look mostly mature regardless of the white hairs.  Very few dark green leaves.


Mix of menthol and intense cool sour, but with an unusual sweet undertone.  Perhaps a longer cure or flush.


Quick starter, immediately felt in the head. The SourD is a motivational medication but can be slightly racey.  Typically a very clean and euphoric high that leaves motor skills intact.


Good Sour Diesel that has a different appearance when compared to the many other Sour D samples I have tried.  The white hairs were interesting and point to a grower’s early harvest.  In the “appearance” category, the trichomes look very ready.  It still could have been harvested a tad later for our pain needs, but it leaves me feeling motivated and uplifted, and really put me in a great mood.

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