Sour Diesel (Herbal Connections Cherry Creek)Review


Rather dark-looking overall for a Sativa variety, this Sour Diesel was mostly darker greens with some golden tones as it was broken open — thin but bold-colored red and orange pistils completed the fall color package, accompanied by many ambered trichome heads.  It was a little on the dry end of the spectrum but had great structure and was clearly well cared-for.  There were some tiny seed pods and a few leaves that should’ve been trimmed, but solid overall.


Not as pungent-tasting as some SD’s we’ve had, this one hit with an oddly sweet yet musky citrus taste but still carried an aftertaste of skunky fuel that lingered in the throat after smoking.  only moderately expansive for a Diesel, and smooth on the attack, this one is a more agreeable specimen that would do well for less-experienced Diesel patients.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, motivation, some sleep aid properties displayed in some reviewers… not a ‘stealth’ med, eyes were red and low.


We see quite a lot of Sour Diesel, as it is a very popular strain here in Colorado and around the world.  This sample wasn’t one of the elite SD’s we’ve encountered, but it was still very good and fit the mold of what we expected almost perfectly.  Providing a varied effects package that went from extreme energy and motivation to a slug-like state where walking and sitting up straight was a bit of a mental chore depending on the situation and mood of the reviewer.  You can call this a ‘hair trigger’ type of Sativa, in that it can go either way on you.  Start easy with a small dose and see how it affects you, then work up if desired.  We loved the typical fuel stank this one had and its structure and overall grow quality was very good, another solid blueprint-style example of a strain from Herbal Connections Cherry Creek.

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