Skywalker OG (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


This Skywalker OG was not a strain that really screamed at us from the wide view — it wasn’t uber-frosty looking, it had a pretty standard gark green + orange pistils coloration — but up close, some pretty magenta and purple colors as well as the well-preserved trichome heads were apparent.  The harvest was pretty good, with plenty of visible ambers in spots, especially close to the stem where the purple coloration seemed most common.  The structure was very sound and the plant seemed healthy at the time of harvest, with no signs of stress aside from a couple of spare immature seeds.


There was some disagreement here — one reviewer LOVED the taste, picking up a Lemon Pledge type of thing (like an SFV OG Kush), proclaiming it as one of the best Kush tastes he’s encountered, in large part due to the very long taste duration, which lasted until the bowl was basically ash.  However, the other reviewers (using a clean glass pipe instead of an IncrediBowl, which likely is responsible for the difference) weren’t as impressed, picking up on more piney flavors that didn’t seem to last as long.  The flush seemed adequate, with the final ash turning a speckled light gray and no residual effects such as nose running or throat-clearing.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation (mental and physical), mental clarity, strong ocular attention, some appetite stimulation, and relief of mild nausea.


While the overall potency and somewhat steep fall-off around 1.5 hours left us wishing for slightly more potency overall, it seems that part of that ws due to the overall clarity of the experience — it never felt overbearing or pushy.  The smell and taste package are something that most Kush-lovers will fawn over, some more than others.  The appearance was pretty standard but everything seemed in order grow-wise, which is most important.  It didn’t seem to provide much body relief and felt much more like a Sativa to our staff in general, giving us a sense of calm focus that lent itself to quiet work projects.  This strain is recommended to moderate patients seeking relaxation without the loss of mental clarity — great daytime work type of strain.

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