Skunk (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


While it didn’t exactly impress our review staff, that was probably more a function of the strain than the grow, as the quality was top-notch in texture and lack of flaws.  It was a very pleasing blend of strong, bright greens with thick, bold orange and red pistils shooting out from all angles.  Definitely looked like a ‘classic’… solid structure, a careful yet thorough trim, and no signs of any stress while growing.  The harvest timing was near-perfect as well, with a smattering of amber heads, but mostly cloudy.


The taste was a bit tougher to catch, leaving several of us scratching our heads looking for the right description.  It had elements of smooth citrus, berry, and flowers… the smoke itself had a cool, mentholated quality to it.  It was very expansive, making us cough occasionally despite not being overtly harsh otherwise.  The final ash was a fluffy light gray, showing that this had a very quality flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Great body relaxation, mental relaxation, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, ocular relief, relief of mild stomach discomfort, pain relief/distraction, and significantly reduced back spasms in one reviewer.


We wish we knew the roots of this cut, as it seemed to confuse us further with the experience.  The flavor and smell were both toeing the line between true skunk and the latter-day Sweet Skunk varieties, with some strong fruit notes further adding question marks.  The experience teetered between Sativa and Indica but ended up feeling a bit more relaxing overall thanks to the strong body waves and couchlock tendencies.  Basically this one was a quality experience that provided relaxation and mood elevation without ever feeling too strong, though it was torquey and stayed at fairly high levels through 2 hours.  Recommended for all levels of patients, it wasn’t total connoisseur grade, but still among the Top 10-15% or so out there thanks to the overall quality of the grow.

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