Shaman (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This was a spectacularly purple sample, with hardly and green on the plant aside from some guard leaves.  It’s a very deep and luxurious purple color, it appeared that the trichomes sucked some of the color up, even up into the heads (only the 3rd sample we’ve seen with purple trichome heads).  The structure was definitely Sativa in nature, with an open bud structure and average density.  We did find a couple of tiny seeds via microscope as well as a hermie flower or two.  The trichone coverage wasn’t very apparent from a distance, but was above-average when looked at under the scope — solid harvest timing as well, with a smattering of ambered heads.


Again, it wasn’t a terribly pungent flavor, but this sample gave off a quality skunk-influenced taste package.  Skunk, earthiness, floral qualities, and a light citrus were all picked up in this sample, making it rather complex and unexpected.  It burned away to a fluffy very light gray ash, showing a very good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major energy booster, anti-anxiety, creativity, some body relaxation/pain relief, and strong mood elevating properties.


This strain was one of our staff’s unexpected favorites lately.  It’s not that potent, didn’t last as long as some strains, and there were some flaws with the grow itself — but bottom line is that is was FUN.  This particular Shaman made for superb daytime medication, as it filled us with a nearly boundless yet smooth energy, raised the mood almost immediately, and did so without any feeling of raciness or unease the entire time.  It also provided a smooth body relaxation and pain masking ability, making this a great choice for those struggling with daily pains who can’t risk being mentally slow and non-functional.  It was a very smooth and enjoyable experience, while also tastin, smelling, and looking the part.  Purple fans who want a Sativa now and then would be well-served by checking this strain out.

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