S.A.G.E. (Nedicate)Review


This strain presents an array of fall colors, with some orange-brown leaves, a blend of greens and pale orange pistils.  Though it only had a small number of amber trichomes, it seems as if the plant was “fading” late, perhaps due to a very thorough flush.  Nicely dense but still a clearly Sativa structure.


Very much like the smell, it was reminiscent of the herby and spicy Haze varieties, sometimes getting a taste much like burning vegetation smells (but somehow it was pleasant).  It expanded readily and also hit the throat a little hard, causing some coughing.  But it burned to a nearly pure white ash, so no flushing issues here for sure.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energetic, mood elevating, relieves minor tension and pain, and was very strong behind the eyes.


Though it is thought to be a near-50/50 hybrid, this pheno was certainly on the Sativa side, giving an immediate boost of energy and mental stimulation.  The body was not forgotten and felt relaxed and loose, especially towards the end of the experience.  The taste won’t appeal to everyone, but this was a very pungent smelling and tasting S.A.G.E., more than others we’ve had… give it a try and judge for yourself!

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