S.A.G.E. ‘n Sour (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


Not a striking sample just looking at it, this one was a muted green with some slight yellowing visible on untrimmed leaves, with lots of peach-colored pistils.  It definitely looked like the parent strains, with a Diesel structure but the pistil coverage of a typical SAGE.  A tighter manicure would’ve made this one look better, but the above-average density and trichome count (with many developing ambers) still made it fairly attractive.


Rather pungent and diesel-dominant with notes of campfire and tobacco, it also had a certain fresh vegetation sweetness in the background.  The smoke was very smooth and not terribly expansive, leaving behind an above-average light gray ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular attention, slight mood enhancement, an energy boost, some appetite stimulation properties, and mild pain relief.


We certainly see the potential in this cross — the SAGE seemed to take some of the edge and potency off of the Sour Diesel while also making the taste a little more appealing for those who don’t enjoy the almost putrid pungency that they often have.  However, this one just didn’t seem to reach its full potential despite the high THC numbers — it faded out earlier than most samples we receive, looked a little pale and not particularly eye-catching, and didn’t wow us with the flavor/smell.  That said, it was nicely potent to start, functional and cerebral overall, and was a very clean-feeling med with no ill effects… we look forward to trying this cross again.

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