S1 Bubba Kush (A Cut Above)Review


This Bubba looked like many other Bubbas that we’ve had with its blend of dark green, purple, and those distinctive brick red thin pistils, but it had a sort of primordial, prehistoric look thanks to all the dark guard leaves left on.  Though we might’ve preferred a more judicious manicure for smoking purposes, it did give the sample a unique look that we appreciated.  The structure was very sound, with long, almost cone-shaped calyxes, above-average density, and a squishy yet adequately dried texture.  The trichome coverage was also above-average, though not quite as freaky as some Bubbas we’ve seen — the harvest timing was pretty spot-on, with about 10-15% ambered trichome heads.  We also spotted a pink trichome — see it in the middle of this picture.


The taste was rather complex, seemingly changing as it cycled through the mouth.  Initially it had the sharp rubber + fuel taste from the smell, then once in the mouth it turned sweeter and had more of the traditional Kush notes (spice, citrus)… the finish was spicy, citrus-tinged Kush.  The smoke was smooth on the attack but very expansive, so it may cause coughing on bigger hits.  The final ash was a speckled very light gray, showing it had a very solid flush before being cut.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mental and physical relaxation, headache relief, mental clarity, sleep aid, mild pain relief, mood elevation, and anti-anxiety.


With its long list of medicinal properties, its very good duration, and solid overall potency, this S1 Bubba Kush comes highly recommended for patients seeking a relaxing Indica experience that keeps you mentally clear and capable, even energetic at times.  The grow quality was very high, with no visible flaws aside from the loose manicure, a great selection of colors, and plenty of well-timed trichomes.  While we didn’t like the super-sharp smell and taste quite as much as we do the more standard Bubba, it was certainly unique and served to mark this S1 variant as distinct from its parent.  If you’re a fan of Bubbas, be sure to give this one a try, both because it provides many of the qualities you know and love, but also because it adds something a little different to the equation.

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