Querkle (iVita Wellness)Review


This sample had great density and was rather dry, making for a texture that was appealing  in the economical sense — when ground, it seemed to blow up into a huge pile that still burned rather evenly and provided lots of hits.  While the coloration in areas wasn’t as dark and purple as some Querkles that we’ve seen, there were some super-dark royal purple patches that gave it a mottled look among the groves of creamy orange pistils.  The harvest was perfect for those who like some amber, with the bottoms of the nugs having almost all golden or amber-colored trichome heads.  We found no real flaws with this one — no tiny seeds, even though we did find a solitary “hermie banana” with the scope.


The first hit or two are mostly sweet, but not in an overtly fruity way, more of a floral and incense vein.  We did pick up some charred berry type of flavor, but it was hard to nail down as anything specific.  The flavor went downhill after the first 3 hits or so, taking on a harsh quality and losing all positive flavor.  Also, this one hit the throat hard at times, but wasn’t expansive really… rather than trichome-induced coughing this seemed to be poor flush-induced coughing, as the final ash also showed a black coloration, with only some white specks in the mix.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Body relaxation, mental relaxation, sleep aid, ocular relief, anti-anxiety, possible arthritis and joint pain relief, appetite stimulation, and some mood elevation.


Though we weren’t really impressed with the actual smoking experience, smell, or flavor, this sample made up for that with its appearance and its rather medicinal effects package which we felt would be great for beginners.  The smooth and even effects it provided brought no real surprises and served to relax without inhibiting thought or coming with any negative effects.  This isn’t the best Querkle we’ve seen, but it was one of the best medicinally, possibly due to the large amount of golden and amber-colored trichome heads that covered its surfaces — it’s nice to see a harvest that has an even amber coloration once in a while, and the bevy of medical benefits added to the appeal.

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