Querkle (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


This sample looked very Indica, with an array of dark green colors mixed with muted purple, all covered in an even layer of sparkly clear, milky, and amber trichomes (at about a 60/10/30 split, respectively).  The trim was right up our alley, showcasing the structure of the bud without completely shearing off all non-calyx material.  We didn’t have any real issues with this one, it was a great example of the strain and arrived intact, with a moderate stickiness and quality post-harvest care.


This sample had both sweet grape and earthy grape qualities to it, with a light floral aftertaste on the first few hits.  The flavor degraded somewhat quickly, but never really got below average.  A smooth smoke that didn’t hit the throat hard, it did expand readily and still caused a moderate amount of coughing, especially once the greens were gone.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, appetite stimulation, body relaxation, moderate pain relief, sleep aid late, and ocular pressure fluctuations.


This was one of the better-looking Querkles we’ve ever come into contact with, with superb structure, a hearty stickiness to the cure that is often lacking in Colorado flowers, and great trichome coverage.  We really loved the smell and the effects, but the taste was just a notch below what we expected based on the lovely aroma.  This was a nicely potent example of an Indica-dominant hybrid, with early Sativa traits and a smoothly productive mental state blending with very strong sedative properties.  This one could work for a day of middling productivity at home, but we mostly suggest it as a mid-evening relaxer, as the latter half eases you into sleep.

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