Purple Voodoo (The Releaf Center)Review


Dark-looking overall, it did have some fringes of purple coloration along with brick red pistils.  The most distinctive part about this strain was its gigantic cone-shaped calyxes — something about that structure and the dryness level made it crumble to dust when ground and almost sound like packing peanuts when being broken up.  It did appear to hermie slightly (small seed pods), but it didn’t seem to affect the smoking experience that much.


Like the aroma, it was again not pungent at all, just tasting slightly spicy and vegetal — it didn’t carry any bad tastes, but it didn’t do anything for us. The smoke was moderately harsh and burned the throat slightly.  The final ash was a very light gray, so the flush didn’t seem to be the cause of the lacking flavor.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Appetite stimulation, general relaxation, mixed results with muscle relaxation and back pain (some said it helped, others didn’t get relief), and some mood elevation.


While the bag appeal overall was sub-par on this one, with a very neutral taste and smell palate, the effects certainly redeemed it.  Very potent to start, and keeping up at a fairly high level through 2 hours, the effects were definitely hybrid in nature, covering the spectrum through the duration.  We’d recommend this one as a daytime Indica that leaves you feeling able to function.  It seems as if this strain has a greater potential than was seen here, just because there was just nothing to offer in the taste/smell department — but the effects were nothing to sneeze at.

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