Purple Kush (Health Depot)Review


Rich hues of green leaves and purple buds. Long Hawaiian looking orange hairs.  When taking a closer look (30x), the sparkling trichome structure looked exquisite with long milky stems and huge mushroom tops still intact.  Absolutely gorgeous.


Woody, soil, pine, earthy.  Disappointing to say the least, nothing like the fragrance.


Took a few minutes for the medicine to take effect, but when it does,  your body  will feel very heavy. Focusing is a bit of a task, and it really gives a time-slowing effect.


If you’re seeking a medicinal indica this one will work, but we can’t recommend it over The White unless you are looking for a sleeping aid .  It provides pain relief that last for hours, and I didn’t need much to medicate.  The sleepiness blankets your eyes and eases nerves, making it an ideal bedtime smoke.  The “potency/high” effect isn’t very strong, but the medicinal value certainly is.

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