Purple Kush (Biocare)Review


With a lovely blend of mottled green and purple colors, this strain is one that would catch the attention of most people when perusing the shop jars.  Beyond those colors, it had a thick covering of orange pistils as well as a strong trichome presence, making it look frosty from a distance.  While the trim could’ve been tighter, it had very good structure and showed no signs of stress during the grow — very good job by the grow team with this one.


Perfume, flowers, orange, and grapey flavors all came out of this one at one point or another.  The flowery elements seemed to be most present on the intake, while the sweetness came our on exhale.  The smoke was very expansive, making our eyes well up a bit and eliciting coughs.  The final ash was near-white though, indicating that it had seen a good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major body relaxation, mental relaxation, anti-anxiety, some ocular attention, minor pain relief, and sleep aid at higher doses.


Two of our three reviewers on this one said it was the best Purple Kush they’ve ever had — not an all-time favorite strain or anything, but basically the best example of this strain we’ve some across yet.  It was exceedingly well-grown and didn’t show any signs of stress — aside from the loose manicure, it was basically flawless.  The smell was fairly incredible and complex, while the taste held up its end of the bargain as well.  If you’re a patient desiring a fairly potent Indica with a slightly trippy side that will keep you feeling relaxed and calm, this is a great choice.  The high THC-V numbers seem to have played out with the initial effects… very interesting to now have these cannabinoids available in the analysis as well.

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