Purple DragonReview


A very pretty purple strain that looked nicer than some others we’ve seen, this one was immaculately manicured and looked like a typical purple in its color palette.  It was basically perfect texture-wise and was above-average in trich coverage (mostly clear and cloudy, hardly any ambers).


Slight disagreements here, which may have come from getting samples from different nugs/plants…  One reviewer got an almost cotton candy/bubble gum sweetness while another complained of some sizzling and snapping that marred the experience and killed the real flavor a bit.  Based on previous experience with this strain, one reviewer posited that this harvest wasn’t as well flushed, as the ash was murky-looking and the sizzling when burning and degraded taste added weight to that conclusion.  This strain has tasted nicer in the past, with those experiences mostly matching that of the first reviewer… basically, take this taste grade with a grain of salt, as this is an in-house strain and every harvest will vary slightly according to treatment.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Clear-headed relief, body tension/pain relief, motivation


Purple Dragon is a very interesting Purple strain, as it lacks many of the trademarks aside from the color and taste.  Instead of an almost narcotic or “druggy” feeling that some Purples create, this one was nicely clear and motivated while still carrying the medicinal qualities that cause many patients to seek out Purple strains.  It was very well grown and manicured, but the flushing issues definitely took it down a notch taste-wise, which is a shame, as the strain itself is extremely tasty and it’s been better in the past.  This strain is a superb choice for those patients who desire pain and tension relief while not feeling (or looking) drugged up or lazy as is often the case with purple strains.

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