Presidential Kush (Herbal Connections Cherry Creek)Review


This strain was mostly a pale Sativa green that appeared almost yellow in areas due to the trich coverage along with some very bright-colored orange pistils.  The real noticeable aspect of this strain is definitely the uber-professional manicure and the very dense trich coverage… this is one of the better samples we’ve seen in both regards.  The calyxes are gigantic, and upon popping one open, we discovered a small undeveloped seed (that was the only one found, but it’s safe to assume that there are others).  Perfectly dry and very dense, this sample had a variety of trich colors, with most being cloudy and about 25% ambered.


Not quite as pungent as the smell, the taste was pretty similar to the post-grind smell, with citrus being the initial taste, followed by fuel, pine, and a pronounced skunkiness.  It reminded one reviewer more of a Sour Diesel than a Kush due to the strong lemon taste imparted by the Lemon Skunk.  One major knock was that the bowl started tasting woody and not particularly pleasant about halfway through… the initial flavors were totally lost by that point.  That said, the smoke wasn’t harsh at all despite being above-average in terms of expansion level.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anti-depression, energy, hypertension, appetite stimulation.


A pretty high-level Kush that just wasn’t quite up to the level of some others we’ve come across recently, this cirtus-heavy cross produced a very strong and fairly long-lasting energetic and clear-headed effect while pleasing the review staff with its pungent aroma and (to a lesser extent) flavor.  The trichome coverage is probably its most outstanding feature, but it would be especially good as a daytime strain considering its “stealth” outward effects and energetic, social high.  Aside from the seed found, the grow quality was superb and it was a pleasurable strain to consume overall.

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