Platinum Diesel (Breck Cannabis Club)Review


Very green, almost neon.  On the dry side of average with amazing trichome structure and overall appeal.


Sweet, berry, citrus, soil.  Very unusual for a diesel, but very welcome and exciting.


Sativa effects felt only in this sample.  Immediate reaction behind eyeballs and in the sinus area, and very potent.  A little heavy on the head (as in something you may feel you have to “deal with” for a bit), but not totally overbearing.  It is a creative, mind focused medicine useful for many situations in the day.


This was an excellent sample of Diesel, not exactly sure what the “platinum” adds (similar to a Kush review we did previously), but we did not expect what we found.  So many Diesels are grown now, especially in Colorado where people like the sativa and flavor, yet this one had new smells and tastes, and delivered a very potent medicinal experience.  It’s a drive, but next time I’m in the mountians I will stop in and get some more PlatinumD.

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