Pink Pez (CURE Dispensary)Review


For whatever reason, this one didn’t appear all that nice in the hand, but it revealed its true beauty once it was under the camera, where its bevy of coloration could be seen.  The calyxes were a light healthy green, the leaves were a darker Indica shade, and there were spots of purple, blue, and pinkish hues on certain calyxes.  The trichome coverage was adequate but the harvest seemed slightly early, as there were almost no visible amber trichome heads.  Great structure though, with long, thin, Christmas tree-like buds that were nicely dried and dense.


While it wasn’t a bad taste, we really struggled to get much of a read on this one.  We got some sweet notes, some slightly spicy/floral notes, and that was about it.  The smoke was smooth and enjoyable though, very easy to consume with it non-expansive nature and soft attack.  The final ash was a mottled medium gray — maybe a more thorough flush would’ve helped the flavor a bit, but it seemed pretty adequate.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, headaches, appetite stimulation, general relaxation, and sleep aid.


The smell this strain possessed was pretty wonderful — basically the opposite end of most of the impressive-smelling samples we’ve had lately (most seem to be Diesel or Kush-dominant), it provided a wonderfully sweet candy-like aroma that still had a nice sharp quality to it.  The appearance was very good as well, with lots of colors and great structure.  Though the cannabinoid numbers came back kind of low, the initial potency actually felt rather strong and this strain held steady at medicinal levels for a solid 1.5 – 2 hours, which is very good.  It might get on top of you a bit when it shifts gears mid-way through and gets heavy on the eyes, but the worst thing that would happen is an unexpected nap.  We recommend this as a very good after-work relaxation med or one that leads into sleep; it was a quality Indica-dominant hybrid experience overall.

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