Pineapple Hash Wreck (C.C. High Expectations)Review


The color and structure of these flowers are superb.  Lime green leaves look almost white from crystals (not fuzzy hairs), and the dark red hairs stand out beautifully against the pale leaves.


A little harsh with big expansion, the Pineapple Hashwreck isn’t exploding with flavor but still has pleasant undertones of fruit.   It has the initial taste of bubblegum and peach with a cedar like after-taste.


Initial effect is a rising headiness with a clearly felt energy and inspirational lift.  The medicine then progresses to a body sensation of up and down waves about 15-20 minutes in, showing off the hybrid characteristics.  The remainder of the duration was pretty clean with a typical indica body effect that seemed to last forever and some mild psychadelic aspects.


This strain has magnificent traits and is a very unique smoking experience that lasts longer than much of what we find today.  The complex aroma and jar appeal really make this strain a popular choice with almost any bud connoisseur.  The Pineapple Hash Wreck is a great combination of strains, and really shows off its best traits from each of the highly prized genetics.  This is a flower that can be used to medicate anytime of the day.

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