Papaya Wax (The Herbal Cure)Review


This extract had a gorgeous golden-yellow coloration which showed both high-quality trim and a skilled hand in the extraction process.  It didn’t have a shine to it, but was rather a matte and lightly crumbly texture, which was easier to scoop than to stab in order to dab it.  We scoped it and saw no impurities or plant matter of any kind, one of the cleanest-looking samples of BHO we’ve seen lately.  Great job by the extraction artist here.  Note:  due to the color and the texture, our expert reviewer suggested that this extract be called “budder” rather than wax.


Once again, we were impressed with the lightly sweet and crisp fruit flavor, which was firmly in the melon area.  The smoke was fairly thick and did cause some coughing, but mostly just due to expansion rather than any particular harshness.  The flavor wasn’t as pungent as some of the Chem/Kush varieties of BHO, but it was again unique and pleasurable.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation early on, pain relief, deep relaxation (both mental and physical), anti-anxiety, and sleep aid.

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