Organic J1 (MJ’s Compassionate Care – Santa Ana, CA)Review


Made up of a bunch of pod-like calyxes stacked upon one another, this strain had an interesting yet still rather dense structure.  The generous coating of trichomes made the light green surface sparkle, with sparse orange pistils throughout.  There were some guard leaves that could’ve been removed, and there were a couple of tiny seeds in the bud, but it was still very nice-looking to the naked eye.  We felt that the harvest timing was almost perfect, with a smattering of amber trichomes amongst clear and cloudy heads.


Much like the post-grind smell, the flavor was fresh, sweet, and sugary with some citrusy elements.  The smoke also seemed to perfume the room, making it smell spicy and pleasant.  A very smooth smoke, this one was easy on the throat and did not cause coughing with out staff, even those who have asthma.  The final ash was a medium-light gray, showing the flush was sufficient.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anxiety (some heart-racing to start never made us anxious, overall it was calming and mood-stabilizing), mental relaxation, body relaxation, some appetite stimulation, and light pain relief.


This strain had elements of both parent strains evident in nearly all of its qualities, expressing the crisp, citrusy, cool elements of Jack Herer, and the kick of sweetness from Skunk.  There were some flaws, but the harvest timing and trichome preservation made up for the hermie-induced tiny seeds that were spotted.  This one was a great after-work unwinder type of med, that won’t completely knock you to the couch, but trended towards sedentary activities and a singular focus.  Its potency was medium-high to start, but declined sharply at about 2 – 2.5 hours, placing it in the intermediate patient area.

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