OG Kush x ChemDawg (High Grade Alternatives)Review


Very pale green that looks almost white with tall trichomes, this sample had quite a few frosty guard leaves left on it and we also spotted a few immature seeds.  However, the timing was nearly perfect, as a majority of the trichs were cloudy with some ambering in patches.


Chemical pine with a hit of lemon was the dominant note (think Pine-Sol) but there were tinges of spice and soil like you get in many of the more delicate Kushes.  A very smooth smoke with average expansion makes this a solid choice for those who don’t want to cough… it burned to a concrete gray ash, indicating a very good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy to start, relaxation (mental and physical) to finish, this provided strong mood elevation properties as well.  Some appetite stimulation was evident, while the strong attention to the eyes suggests ocular relief.


While this one didn’t seem to reach its full potential in some areas (specifically the tiny seeds, the lack of peak potency, and medium duration), it was still very quality, providing an energetic-then-relaxing experience that remained relatively functional throughout.  The mood elevation properties were the main “takehome” and we all enjoyed this sample primarily for that reason.

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