OG Kush #18 (Green Faith Ministry)Review


Seriously frosty popcorn-style buds that appear almost yellow due to the thick layers of mostly clear/cloudy trichomes that cover all surfaces.  It could’ve had a slightly better manicure towards the bottom, but the leaves that were left on are so frosty that it isn’t an issue.  Above-average density and a perfect dryness level made this a well-textured sample that burned great and seemed to leave a ‘breadcrub trail’ of kief wherever it traveled.


Like the scent, the taste was extremely sour, with a strong hit of lemon zest and some of the fuel and skunk tastes.  The aftertaste carried the fuel and skunk much more than the sourness and lingered for quite a while on the palate after exhale.  Though it was above-average expansion-wise, it was perfectly smooth and didn’t make us cough… a rather pleasurable experience overall.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, anti-depression, muscle tension relief, possible headache/ocular relief, appetite stimulation, mood elevation.


A great-tasting and smelling sample that reminded us more of a nice citrusy Diesel than a Kush, this strain was top-notch aside from its relatively short duration.  Especially after packing such a punch at first, it was sort of disappointing to be back to normal after only about 2 hours.  However, the finish was clean and relaxing, with no Sativa ‘crash’ or other negative effects.  A stinging potency that really took our reviewers by surprise initially gave way to a more relaxing and all-purpose body feeling that would be nice for almost any patient.  This strain isn’t for the faint of heart at first, but it rounded out to provide a good amount of energy, mood elevation, and relief from muscle tension.  It was well-handled and grown naturally, resulting in a deliciously citrus-tinged Kush experience.

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