Northern Lights #1 (Urban Dispensary)Review


This was a beautiful sample to look at, both up-close and from afar.  The sample we received was in the form of one large nug that had an artful trim, showcasing all the “inner-workings” of the nug but still leaving a perfect amount of leaf matter behind to look natural.  The coloration was very light overall, with crispy greens and almost golden-colored pistils in places.  While the light pistils had us suspicious that this one could’ve gone a while longer, the ambers developing all over the sample showed that the timing was pretty spot-on, especially if they wanted to reduce the heaviness this strain is known for.  No real flaws to this sample, it was a simply beautiful and well cared-for example of an Indica structured strain.


Lightly sweet and citrusy on the inhale, more piney and musky on the exhale, this strain definitely tasted much like it smelled, though less pungent overall.  The smoke and flavor had a smooth quality that one reviewer described as “buttery”, but it also had elements of expansion that could cause some coughing on larger hits.  The smooth experience with solid flavor preservation (4-5 hits) finished out with a very light gray and white ash, showing a very good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, ocular effects, muscle relaxation, moderate pain relief, heavily sedative, easily leading to sleep towards the end of the duration.


This was a great example of old-school genetics being invigorated with modern growing techniques.  The stout Indica-dominant bud structure with fat-headed trichomes and array of light colors was wonderful to admire through the camera lens, while the smell and flavor both exceeded expectations.  The “creeper” effect and long duration screamed “Indica” to our review staff, as did the lingering drowsiness that carried out for an hour or two following the end of primary effects.  This minor downside could probably be alleviated by re-medicating, but in general, would make this one a little heavy for a day of functionality.  We recommend this one for moderate to experienced patients, primarily as an evening or day-off type of Indica when strong relaxation is desired.

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