Noggin (Tree of Life)Review


This was a very pretty sample that came caked with trichomes… the structure and nug shape was slender yet rather dense with just a little bit of give when handled.  The tricomes heads were mainly cloudy with some ambers, indicating attentive harvest timing.


White it started with a slightly sweet lemony flavor, it tasted oddly of juniper and wood (hickory?) by the end and was moderately harsh.  The final ash was about an 8/10 on the cleanliness scale, with some dark gray remains.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Hard to call, this one had very divergent effects — it was too rushy at first to be considered a relaxing experience (despite the relaxing finish), while the crash kind of takes it out of the energetic category.  Try it for yourself, basically– this one is on the unpredictable side and very powerful..


A bit of a strange experience, we want to get more of this strain and see if it takes us to the same places mentally, as the visual nature and rapidly-changing experience of this strain left us a bit confused as to its uses and overall “idiom”.  The taste and smell were good enough while not exactly blowing us away, but the strongly Sativa then strongly Indica experience was something else entirely.  This one is for the more adventurous connoisseurs, who may really enjoy the roller coaster feelings it provides.

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