Mother’s Finest (Green Belly Co-Op)Review


A little leafy, crisp but not too dry.  White pistils with plenty of greens.


This sample had a very low-grade organic matter taste with nothing pleasant about it except for the fact it wasn’t very harsh.


This was a slow starting and very heavy headed medicine resembling schwag mexican sativa in many regards.  It was a heavy come down and made everyone tired and sluggish.


This was one of the lower end samples we’ve received from Green Belly and  we wouldn’t recommend picking it up if you are in that area.  There are plenty of other good medicines at their Co-Op  however – Velvet Haze and Hindu Kush x Diesel.  Although Mother’s Finest was a Cup Winner in it’s first year, its big yield and short flower have contributed to its now common run of the mill nature.  This sample certainly wasn’t a great representation.

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