Moby Dick (Alpine Herbal Wellness)Review


This sample was a very bright green with ropey orange pistils, and a lovely layer of mostly-clear and undamaged trichomes — very attractive in the jar.  The Haze-style columnar calyx formation gave it a unique look and shape, but the overall structure was solid yet ‘open’ rather than wispy as some Sativas can get.  We did spot some tiny seeds and the manicure could’ve been a little cleaner, but otherwise we were very pleased with the appearance of this one.


Almost exactly like the smell but just not quite as amazing, the taste was very reminiscent of the better Haze samples we’ve had with its blend of almost soapy flower-infused sweetness… again it had some smooth vanilla-meets-eucalyptus qualities as well.  It was a very easy smoke as well, with a low level of harshness and expansion that kept us from coughing much at all.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong head effects (possible benefits with sinuses, headaches, and ocular relief), boost of energy to start, appetite stimulation, relaxation, and possible sleep aid as the experience wore on.


We wish we could bottle the scent of this strain and sell it for a million dollars — it’s absolutely top-notch for those who enjoy the sweet end of the Haze spectrum.  The look and taste were also both very above-average, with only a couple minor flaws keeping it out of total ‘A’ range.  We liked how head-centric and potent the effects were to start — it felt like an almost pure Sativa and then dropped into a hybrid experience rather quickly.  The combination of Indica and Sativa effects seemed to work together at times, and battled eachother at other times.  We like this strain as a ‘day off’ daytime med or an after-dinner type of thing, as it can easily lead into restful sleep and was a little too cerebral and distracting for focused tasks.  Also, it’s not a ‘stealth med’ — it was very evident that we were medicated, so professional situations are probably not advisable.

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