Mixed Strain Indica/Sativa Kief (iVita Wellness)Review


Though there was certainly plenty of golden kief visible, we couldn’t get over how much visible plant matter was seen in this sample.  It’s possible that the product that it was extracted from was a bit too dry or that the screen size used was slightly too large, but it seemed that this kief was about 25% plant matter, which makes for a much less enjoyable smoking experience.  It clumped together a bit and was easy to scoop or pour out of the vial it came in, so it gains points for ease of use.  This was a case of the most important category (purity of extraction) was lacking, and not much could make up for it appearance-wise.


Much like the smell, it was a muted and slightly vegetal hashy taste, but the citrus notes were mostly overwhelmed by smoke taste.  The smoke itself was pleasant enough and not particularly harsh, but there just wasn’t much flavor here at all.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Body relaxation, mental relaxation, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid.


While we weren’t exactly excited to get into this kief initially, it rewarded us with a solid medicinal package of effects that took us a bit by surprise.  With a moderately large dosage, we feel that this kief felt much like very high-quality buds, though the mixed nature served to muddy the experience up a bit, making it hard to pinpoint whether it leaned more Sativa or Indica.  The hybrid mixed label played out as advertised, giving a variety of effects in both the body and head which served to uplift us at first, then drop us down into a very relaxed and sleep-ready state.  It’s not the cleanest kief extraction, and we weren’t crazy about the smoking experience (mainly the way it continued to burn feverishly), but the effects make this a worthy pick up for extract patients on a budget.

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