Mixed Strain Earwax (The Releaf Center)Review


This earwax was a little darker than we like to see overall, and our expert mentioned that it may have come from older material, or even low-grade hash run through the BHO process.  One other way is over-purging, where the heat is slightly too high, or the purge takes too long — we’re not exactly sure what it was in this case.  Other than the color and some tiny plant matter specks we found with the camera, this extraction seemed clean and had an oily golden-amber appearance which was somewhat unique among the samples we’ve seen.  It was easy to handle and had a malleable and sticky yet not messy consistency, easy to grab with fingers and stick on a dabber and able to just stick to the dabber as well.


The front notes of this extract were the typical piney trichome flavor mixed with a more neutral hashy and smokey quality, which seemed to get stronger on the back end.  The exhale left a dark and smoky flavor in the mouth at times which we didn’t particularly enjoy, but the initial flavor was the same as most BHO.  The smoke wasn’t harsh but did expand and cause some coughing with larger dabs, but left no lingering throat constriction feeling or lasting coughing.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, ocular issues, mild to moderate pain relief, appetite stimulation, and muscle relaxation.


Though we were slightly put off by the darker coloration this extract displayed, we really found no other faults with it appearance or extraction-wise, as it burned clean and was no more cough-inducing than any other extract.  The flavor and aroma were both unremarkable, but we were very impressed with the strongly Sativa and functional effects package it presented.  Not only long-lasting and possessing good peak potency, it also filled a niche for daytime relief that won’t require re-medication for several hours.  It was a perfect daytime extract, possessing just the right amount of body relaxation to aid with pain and muscle tension but keeping an overall chipper and uplifting tenor throughout.

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