Mixed Strain 90u Bubble Hash (Universal Herbs)Review


This hash had a quality light golden coloration, indicating that was not only nicely pure, but that it was not handled by hand much, which often adds a darker color.  The waxy appearance (as opposed to shiny) shows that it’s not “oil-grade” water hash, but it still looked very good to our eyes.  When magnified, it showed mostly trichome heads, but there were a few stems as well as dots of green plant matter particulate visible, which our expert suggested could be helped with an additional wash.


The flavor nearly matched the smell, with a variety of mingling flavors including citrus, pine, sourness, and a hint of fuel which hit the palate rather directly at first.  The flavor endured fairly well through the first few hits, but took on the standard “hashy” taste on the final few.


This was a top-flight bubble hash, as indicated by its clean-looking color and the way it bubbled so easily at a fairly low temperature.  Though there was some plant matter that made its way into the extraction, the only real indication of that was the residue left in the vial or on the skillet plate.  This extract seems best as a midday-to-afternoon type of med due to the strong start and Sativa tendencies, but at higher dosages later at night, it can also aid sleep and general muscle relaxation.  If you desire a hash that packs a healthy aroma and taste but won’t leave you in a total mental fog, this mixed bubble from Universal Herbs certainly won’t disappoint.

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amongst water-extracted hash samples

$45/gram non-patient, $40/gram patients

Bubble hash made from mixed Universal Herbs in-house strains via bubble bag, 90 micron level

Universal Herbs