Mental Floss #3 (Universal Herbs)Review


This sample had a wide variety of colors that included some beautiful lavender, blue, purple, and mixed greens.  This colorful package was accentuated with the orange and brick red pistils that dotted the calyxes and poked out into the air.  The trichomes were rather well-preserved, with a perfect mix of amber trichome heads, indicating a great timing of the harvest.  The structure was interesting in that it was dense, but still had a rather distinct look, where you can see all of the details with the naked eye.  While we mostly loved the way this one looked, there were some hermie bananas and tiny seeds found throughout the sample.  This flaw aside, this strain was unique-looking, colorful, and very appealing to the eye.


The taste was a less distinct and pronounced version of the smell, with the same blend of floral and berry elements, but with a mentholated quality that almost seemed to make it less pungent.  However, what flavor was there seemed to last for some time in the session, even as gray ash was beginning to form.  The sample burned away to a medium gray ash with flecks of white, indicating that it may have benefited from a slightly more thorough flush.  It was very smooth on the throat, however, only causing coughing due to the healthy amount of expansion.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, energy increase to start, moderate muscle relaxation, ocular effects, some appetite stimulation, and sleep aid in the late stages.


This sample was not overtly potent and felt smoothly enjoyable the entire time, only trending a little towards the drowsy towards the end, which normally works out well for a middle-evening medicating session.  Mental Floss has a very unique bag appeal, with its strikingly colorful appearance and floral incense-meets-berry smell having us very excited to try it.  The tiny seeds we found in areas were certainly disappointing, but didn’t really seem to affect the smoking experience much, nor the look.  The effects were perfect for an after-work uplift leading into early bedtime.  We’d recommend this med to patients of any experience level, though it isn’t quite top-level in terms of overall potency and duration.  The unique aural effects this one had might make it particularly interesting to musicians or avid music listeners.

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