Maui Wowie (The Releaf Center)Review


A healthy medium green with big, fat calxyes and bright orange pistils, this Maui shimmered with double-decker cloudy (with maybe 10% ambered) trichomes.  Very Sativa structure, with foxtailing and an overall light build — it was well cared-for post-harvest and arrived dry and manicured very  completely.


Much like the smell, a pine taste was the dominant note, but there was also some lemon and a slight sweetness.  It was expansive yet very smooth on the throat, and it burned down to a light gray ash, meaning the flush was very good.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, very strong ocular attention, mood elevation, body relaxation, and minor pain relief.


This may be the best Maui Wowie we’ve had the pleasure of trying, and it was certainly the most Sativa-looking.  Very potent initially, it receded to an evenly energetic and clear-headed state but retained very strong eye effects throughout.  It really shined when put under the camera lens, giving us a new appreciation for Maui in general.  It’s an A-, but a very high one… this may be the maximum potential for a Maui.

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