Maui Wowie (Suite 420)Review


This was a pretty Maui and looked very Sativa, with a light structure that bordered on airy in certain buds.  Its light green and bright orange coloration combined with the even layer of clear, cloudy, and some ambered trichomes gave it a classic look.  While a leaf here and there could’ve been trimmed off, Maui in general tends to have a decent amount of leaf coverage, so we don’t hold it against the trim crew.  It had a perfect dryness level for our tastes, and appeared to have received a proper cure.


This strain had a smooth piney citrus flavor with hints of the previous melon-like sweetness present on the first hit or two only.  After the first few hits, the smoke got thicker and caused some coughing.  While the smoke never tasted bad, we did get a bit of crackling when it was first lit, indicating that there may have been near-invisible seeds present, or perhaps residual fertilizer.  The final ash though was mostly light gray with some white, showing that it didn’t have flush problems.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, strong ocular and facial attention, appetite stimulation, pain distraction qualities, and relaxation towards the end.


We enjoyed this Maui overall, as it had a good amount of torque to start and felt more potent initially than most examples of the strain.  The energetic but not frantic or racy state that made up most of the experience was great for daytime, as it made us productive and motivated, enjoying simple tasks.  It looked better than it smelled and tasted, but that’s not a real knock, as it was among the Top 3 most impressive-looking Maui samples we’ve seen and the flavor and aroma were both as expected.  Pick this one up if you’re looking for a daytime energizer that won’t bowl you over with potency, but has enough to change the tenor of your day.

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