Maui Waui (Sweet Leaf Inc.)Review


This sample was a big chunky teardrop-shaped nug that was filled with a variety of dark tones, including purples, dark greens, and browns.  When broken open, it was lighter and shower off generous trichome coverage.  The harvest was well-timed, but there were some tiny seeds spotted throughout the sample after it was ground.


Barely sweet, mostly floral, but with a piney/earthy finish — reminiscent of the taste without the citrus and the pungency.  It was a little bit harsh on the throat and expansive as well, but the light gray ash spoke to a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy and motivation were prevalent after a strong cerebral start.  Body relaxation, mild pain relief, appetite stimulation, and mood elevation completed the package.


Sometimes a B+ strain is what the day calls for — this is one of those above-average but totally manageable strains that almost everyone would enjoy.  A smooth blend of Sativa and Indica traits and effects produced an experience perfect for a semi-productive afternoon or evening.  Though the smell/taste aren’t anything amazing, those areas were better than many Mauis.  Check this one out if you like a classic strain that won’t knock you off-kilter in either direction.

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