Maui (Nedicate)Review


Like the S.A.G.E., this one seemed to be on its way out when it was harvested, but it had more ambered trichs than the S.A.G.E. did.  Still, the blend of oranges, yellows, browns, and greens made for an attractive and unique sample.  It was rather dry and brittle-looking, but was actually sticky when handled.


Somewhat sweet with a hashy tinge, this one got a nutty/woody sort of taste as it went on that wasn’t particularly pleasant.  The initial flavor was okay, but the harshness and eventual flavor knocked the experience down a few notches.  The murky medium gray ash left might have something to do with the iffy taste — seems that the flush wasn’t as thorough as it needed to be.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Didn’t notice body pain while medicated (might have been pre-occupied with all the mental stuff happening), while the strong eye focus leads us to believe that it would help with glaucoma.  Appetite stimulation was also evident with this strain.


This Maui from the folks up at Nedicate is probably the best one overall that we’ve tried, simply because of its shocking initial potency and its long duration.  While the effects were a little rushy for some reviewers, the energy provided and the pain relief/body relaxation properties were enjoyed by all.  The smell was very impressive, but the taste left something to be desired, perhaps due to an inadequate flush before harvest.  If you enjoy an energetic yet mentally-functional Sativa, this Maui would earn your respect.  Watch the dosage or it might be a little much at first, even for experienced users.

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