Master OG (Alternative Health Collective – Riverside, CA)Review


This sample had a pleasing structure which was neither too dense nor too sparse, allowing a fairly open view of the calyxes and trichomes, which were mostly well-preserved.  Speaking of trichomes, they showed a properly-timed harvest, with a moderate amount of ambers spread amongst mostly cloudy heads.  The bright coloration and sparkling look made it attractive even from a distance… it’s a quality OG visually.


Much like the smell, the taste was on the light side of the OG spectrum, bringing more of a spicy and barely sweet taste that didn’t carry any of the sharpness.  It got rather smoky and nutty-tasting after the initial hits, but was never unpleasant.  It burned away to a medium light gray ash, showing an adequate, but not perfect flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mental and physical relaxation, mood elevation, minor pain relief, anti-anxiety, and sleep aid.


This Master OG is perfect for an early evening relaxation, serving to ease both the mind and body while never feeling pushy or overwhelming.  Though we would’ve liked more peak potency, it still had quite a bit of medicinal value, especially through the first 1.5 hours — but even past that, it left a lingering relaxation that aided sleep a great deal.  Its appearance and smell were both above-average, though the smell was somewhat tame for a Kush, lacking some of the acrid notes that many of them have (which is a good thing for many people).  We liked this one a lot, it just wasn’t quite on the top level of medicine available in terms of peak potency and some of the other qualities (mainly taste).

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