Master Kush (Verde Wellness Center)Review


Looking healthy and verdant green, this sample was also covered with a fairly thick layer of light orange pistils.  It possessed solid structure and showed no signs of pre-harvest stress, though it did seem slightly beat-up due to the presence of broken trichome heads.  The harvest seemed slightly early, with only a smattering of ambers, but that may have been intentional.


There was some discrepancy between reviewers here, with the pipe users reporting a less-appealing taste than the IncrediBowl user.  In all, it was much like the smell, with a blend of spicy and floral tastes — compared to the aroma, it lacked the citrus and replaced that with a soil-heavy earthiness.  It was fairly pungent-tasting overall and possessed a very pleasing and lasting aftertaste.  The ash was a medium gray, indicating that it may have benefited from a more thorough flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong mental and physical relaxation properties, some ocular attention, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid properties.  One reviewer who has digestive issues reported it actually aggravated those, so if you have similar issues, you may want to dabble before going with a full dosage.


This was one of the better Master Kushes that we’ve tried, as it was nicely potent and endured at medicinal levels for quite some time.  Though it might be a little too sedate for a professional situation, the mental relaxation seemed able to be “shaken off” if required, leaving us fairly capable.  There were no real issues with the grow or post-harvest care, and this sample hit all the proper marks with smell and taste for this strain.  This strain is recommended as an evening type of med for those who are seeking Indica-dominant relief from daily aches and pains… it’s enough to relax after work but won’t necessarily drag down your night or send you to bed unexpectedly.

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