Lemon Skunk (The Herbal Center)Review


These flowers are light green with lush orange hairs.  As I was breaking up a bud, I saw an orange hair almost an inch long!  They are compact and fairly dense.  Plenty dry.


Has a great citrus taste and the powerful taste of skunk.


Definitely a great combination of both sativa and indica.  Hits the head instantly then trickles down to the body.


I really love this strain.  It is bred by DNA and Green House Seeds. The DNA comes from two extremely reputable skunk strains; a 20 year old female in Las Vegas, and a male, donated by one of the first seed bank owners in the Netherlands.  GHS’s is said to be Original Skunk and Citral.  Lemon Skunk is the 1st place winner of 2007’s High Life Cup.  Its aroma and appearance make this strain stand out from others, and the experience is real clean yet hard hitting.  Would love to pick up both while it is still in supply!

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