Lemon Kush (Treeline Premier Dispensary)Review


The sample was of average density, not too chunky but not wispy by any stretch, with an overall pale green/orange cast.  There were long pale orange pistils everywhere, covering up much of the surface and hiding the trichomes.  The trichs themselves were mostly cloudy but were a little beat-up and not terribly impressive up-close.  Not a looker, but an average strain that didn’t show any real signs of stress aside from a few tiny seed pods scattered about.


Lemony, with a flowery finish that carried notes of peppermint and grass.  The smoke was extremely smooth on the throat and wold be great for people who won’t want to cough.  The flush was superb, with parts of the bowl turning white early and finishing as a bleached white, fluffy ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  A boost of energy that mostly remained in the mental areas, this strain also affected the eyes quite a bit, while elevating the mood and providing some solid muscle relaxation, especially later in the duration.


A good hybrid that our staff felt sat in the 60/40% Sativa-dominant range in terms of effect, this Lemon Kush did have some cirus qualities to the smell and taste but fell short in those areas overall.  The appearance was solid but unspectacular, and yet we all thoroughly enjoyed the effects, which were a moderate Sativa-leaning positivity and energy to go along with some Indica relaxation and body effects.  We’d like to see this strain at its full potential, because it was a very solid performer medically and provided the type of balanced relief that many patients prefer.

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