Lambsbread (Natural Remedies)Review


Plenty of light green hues cover the surface of these nugs.  Quite dense, but not rock like.  Abundant amount of short trichomes.


A little bit of a hash taste can be noticed from its cool – smooth smoke.  A little peppery and bitter.


Hits very strong almost instantly.  Made my head feel like it was in the clouds.  Peak doesn’t last too long but the soaring effect lasted for quite some time.  Thoughts feel very creative and motivated.  Gave me energy to take the dog to the park, while keeping me feeling very tranquil inside.  The comedown left me a bit tired.


This Lambsbread should be sought out for its wonderful Sativa high, and not for its look or grace of its smell.  The medicine lasts long with a very enjoyable effect.  I didn’t feel paranoid, or non-social when out in public.  Not the flashiest looking and name isn’t the most appealing, but the medicine deserves our respect.

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