Lamb’s Breath (Alpine Herbal Wellness)Review


Fluffy looking and light in weight, but compact nugs with dark and lime green leaves.  A decent amount of orange hairs.


Taste is a bit spicy, peppery, and piney.  Leaves a unique after-taste.


This sativa kicked in real fast for me, and delivers a stoney cerebral type high.  This strain also really makes my body feel a buzz, like there is a barrier around me.  Awesome strong medicine can alter visual perspective making things appear to move slow.


Lambs Breath or Lambs Bread is a Jamaican Sativa that hits really hard and lasts for a long time.  Made me feel very tranquil with a strong body high along with the head buzz.  Makes my body feel very heavy, while my head is up in the clouds.  This bud is really strong and provides a long buzz with an interesting aroma to follow.

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