L.A. Kush (Stone Mountain Wellness)Review


Very light white and green colors and even the hairs were a very light orange.  This sample, as are most really good OG Kush samples, was very sparse.  This is not a tightly packed cluster of flowers, rather a very beautiful roomy collection nicely protected by sugar leaves.


A very smooth strain, even when combusted.  It has enormous expansion so watch out if you have any lung issues.  The general taste is chemical pine, but it even had some light sweetness involved.


Immediately pushes itself into your lungs and face and does it with force while noticeably elevating your heart rate.  There is potential for paranoia and anxiousness during this initial 20-30 minute period, but the predominant description is “clear”.  You are able to focus and talk so clearly while under such strong medication, unusual enough to have every reviewer comment in some manner about the clarity of the high.


This is one of our favorite OG Kush samples around.  It is a lovely cut and grow, perfect for lifting spirits and numbing pain.  The cerebral clarity is noteworthy, but it leaves potential for newer patients to over medicate and induce overwhelming sensations.  The only real drawback is that it is a medium duration level strain, but that would never keep me from acquiring it whenever possible.

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