LA Kush (Natural Remedies)Review


This example of LA Kush had a more sound structure than many, with fairly large calyxes and a tight formation of guard leaves curled around them.  It had an almost lemon-lime yellow coloration and though it wasn’t overwhelmingly frosty to the naked eye, it shined and showed dense trichome coverage up-close under the scope and camera.  The harvest timing was perhaps a little early (may have intentional to create a more uppy Sativa experience), but there were a few amber heads spotted.  The almost spear-like shape of most of the buds didn’t suggest that this is Abusive’s OG, which has strange rounded, clamshell-like calyxes and a very sparse structure.


The taste matched the smell almost exactly, down to the pre and post-grind change (which matched the inhale and exhale/aftertaste, respectively).  On the inhale, this strain is a sharp, lemon-pine quality with a healthy fuel backing — on the exhale, it leaves behind a hint of the lemons but it mostly Kushy spice and lingering fuel.  We saw some room for improvement on the flush, as there were some dark areas amongst the majority fluffy white and gray — a few more days of clean water or something like Clearex as an initial flush may aid the burn quality and flavor.  The smoke was very smooth and not particularly expansive however, and we barely felt the inclination to cough, which is appreciated.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy at first, mood elevation, mental and physical relaxation (especially in the 2nd half of the duration), strong appetite stimulation, light pain relief, and some sleep aid during the comedown.


This LA Kush had all the proper elements in place, but just didn’t get into the upper level of Kush that we’ve had here at KindReviews.  That’s not to say that it’s not top-level MMJ, which it certainly is, earning a strong ~93% rating from our staff and falling just short of the ‘A’ area.  The structure is great for a Kush and we loved that it was very sticky when broken up despite the overall dryness level, which was perfect and typical of Colorado medicine.  The smell and taste were all Kush and will certainly please anyone of that persuasion, with the typical lemon-pine-fuel combination that was pungent in all forms.

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