L.A. Kush (CAM)Review


This sample was perfect density and had good trichome coverage, but not overwhelmingly frosty.  No seeds or pests found.


A very smooth and mild expansion specimen, with a lovely piney, menthol eucalyptus flavor that stays on your tongue.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Good for pain, moderate appetite created.  Muscular relaxation is offered as well as a general upbeat in mood and attitude.  There was no heavy come-down on this strain.


The L.A. Kush is a very solid strain that is only offered in a few centers in the Denver Metro area.  We found this sample to be very high quality, and only outdone in growmanship by the sample we received from Stone Mountain Wellness (in Post420 and soon on our blog).  We can’t confirm this is the Abusive’s OG Kush cut that was nicknamed L.A. Kush about 5 or 6 years ago, but it has so many similarities that if it isn’t, it must be another very fine OG Kush cut.  You can look through CAM’s portfolio of reviews and see they are very consistent in their samples, and this little gem earns CAM their very first A!

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